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STIR begins to evolve from concept to action

Posted by Jonathan Ross

The city of glass is still difficult to navigate for many renters who wish to work and live in the city.

“More than half of Vancouver residents rent, but rental only buildings account for just six per cent of stock.”

That is the quote that sticks out from this news item, which while a little late, is a good step forward towards making Vision Vancouver’s promise of using tax incentives to promote the development of new rental units a reality.

Having experiencing first hand what it is like to seek out rental possibilities within the City of Vancouver, I can most definitely say that the stock of adequate and affordable options is limited, to say the least.

The program is bigger than the tunnel-vision interests of any specific neighbourhood, making this policy one that is beneficial to the entire city – which, by the way, encompasses 131,000 households that rent, representing 52 per cent of the total.

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The silver lining for Gregor Robertson in the Rob Ford juggernaut

Posted by Jonathan Ross

He is who he is, and his messaging hasn't changed much over the course of this campaign. Ford's definition of self and policy priorities bodes well for Mayor Gregor Robertson

Yesterday’s polling showing Rob Ford taking a commanding lead over his closest rivals in the Toronto Mayoral race is stunning in its decisiveness.  From my sources around the George Smitherman campaign, the mood is sombre and even defeatist at this point.

What is even more interesting than the gap in voting intentions is the fact that a new poll today finds that Ford is now seen as the most trustworthy candidate in the race.  And what of  Ford’s criminal past where even though got busted in Florida in 1999, he hadcomplete memory loss about getting charged when confronted by the media? Merely an afterthought.

Now as I have previously pointed out, Ford as an angry man reciting rhetoric along the lines of “We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore,” is really getting traction, regardless of his past indiscretions.

Now, one might deduct that this atmosphere of backlash against incumbents everywhere should present some real pause for concern within the upper reaches of the Vision Vancouver braintrust.

And yes, this type of political climate, particularly locally as seen in recent weeks, is a consideration that cannot be overlooked, and must guide Gregor and his team to consider the suggestions I had in my abovelinked post.

That being said, the Rob Ford model for success also provides a blueprint that seems to place Vision Vancouver in a decidedly advantageous position in the coming year ahead.

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Quick hits

Posted by Jonathan Ross

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Waiting for Vancouver’s housing bubble to pop

Posted by Jonathan Ross

$1 million? Not quite, but a modest east side bungalow like this is still way of the price range of myself and many other potential first time buyers.

This game, which I discovered from this fascinating Bloomberg article, is silly and deliberately off in terms of the pricing for its “mansions.”  But it make a sobering prove a point.

The point is that young people – my generation of first time HOME buyers (this does not refer to condos) – have only one feeling when thinking about purchasing a home in the city of which I was born (yes, one of the few): hopelessness.

So professionals like Robert Hogue, a senior economist at RBC Royal Bank, say that “The type of price increases that we’ve seen in Vancouver are unlikely to be sustained.  There might be some downside risk to that market.”

OK.  I suppose that should provide some kind of hope…right?


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Thu Apr 21, 2011

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In 2010, Vancouver had fewer than half the number of murders than it had in 2009.  There were nine homicides within Vancouver’s city limits, down from 19 killings the previous year.


“Perhaps it was my silk dress or the new perfume I’ve been wearing lately. When I asked Suzanne Anton what her New Year’s resolution was, she replied, “To kiss a pretty girl!” and pecked me on the cheek.”  – Writer Emily Barca describing her encounter with the lone NPA City Councillor on New Year’s Eve.