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Vancouver City Pay for electeds completely out of whack with workload, rest of country

Posted by Jonathan Ross

City Hall provides some amazing pay and benefits for staff, but the elected officials don't exactly enjoy the same standard.

A paltry pay increase to the Mayor and Council of Vancouver is long overdue, but as the article points out, our city is woeful when it comes to compensating out local representatives.

City Council is usually described as a half-time job, allowing for Councillors to maintain other employment.  The reality of the situation is a far different story, however.

Between Council meetings, appearances and events, constituent meetings, caucus meetings, reading and briefings and dealing with city staff, it is nearly impossible to be able to maintain any kind of professional normalcy away from City Hall.

I have never ascribed the act of seeking public office as a means to become rich, because aside from being a fallacy, it clearly involves more motivation than financial gain.  That being said, the new figure of $63,610 still seems a long way off from properly compensating Councillors for the 60+ hour weeks they put in for a “half-time” job.

If you’re on the Park Board, you’re even worse off.

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Suzanne Anton receives backlash from former running mate

Posted by Jonathan Ross

This is what Sharon Urton's email to Suzanne Anton communicates loud and clear.

In spite of never signing up to receive her updates, I am a willing member of lone NPA Councillor Suzanne Anton’s mailing list, and thoroughly enjoy her gramatically creative opinions about “the country’s most greenest” community or her kind invites to exciting events like the NPA’s AGM, where my participation alone could have ensured a 2 per cent increase in attendance.

Not everyone, however, is as enamoured with these emails.

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Drivel is as drivel does…

Posted by Jonathan Ross

When a government comes to power by way of a complete and utter onslaught, it is most often as a result of a state of monumental dissatisfaction with the outgoing administration rather than a groundswell of support for the newly elected.  This is a political reality that Vision Vancouver supporters must acknowledge if they are to be honest in their analysis of last year’s election.

Subsequently, when a party’s remaining lone representative on Council is self-admittedly “not an oppositional person” and thus completely ineffective within Council chambers (a description that is not necessarily reflective of said individual’s volume levels, however), opportunity arises for others to fill the void.  Enter the embittered mercenaries.
Fenced in like their favoured municipal party, some critics are getting desperate.

Fenced in like their favoured municipal party, certain Vision Vancouver critics are getting desperate.

Cloaked under the auspices of serving as an:

“online journal…designed to raise the profile of city issues, while also keeping you up to date with the latest news, views, high and low points of your city politicians,”

nearly ten months of “coverage” has functioned as little more than a platform to bash the new regime.  Questions as to who is financially supporting these efforts have never been adequately addressed.

But when these attacks fail to warrant enough traction to make a dent in the support of an extremely popular Mayor and Council (backtracking, projecting – wait until next week folks, hallucinating, embellishing and finally acknowledging), then desperation sets in.

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More on Robertson’s ambitions

Posted by Jonathan Ross

Just got a note from an NPA source about Ian Robertson’s potential run.

I was told that Robertson was one of the main organizers behind Peter Ladner’s challenge of sitting Mayor of the time, Sam Sullivan.  Hence, a nomination showdown would once again see the Sullivan forces (Anton) face off once against the Ladner team (Robertson).

Secondly, I was also made aware that some of the NPA’s brain trust have been trying to dissuade Robertson from running as it would, according to the source, “alinate the people that the party is trying to attract.”

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In 2010, Vancouver had fewer than half the number of murders than it had in 2009.  There were nine homicides within Vancouver’s city limits, down from 19 killings the previous year.


“Perhaps it was my silk dress or the new perfume I’ve been wearing lately. When I asked Suzanne Anton what her New Year’s resolution was, she replied, “To kiss a pretty girl!” and pecked me on the cheek.”  – Writer Emily Barca describing her encounter with the lone NPA City Councillor on New Year’s Eve.