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Lombardi is right in his calls for social media curriculum changes

Posted by Jonathan Ross

School Board Trustee Mike Lombardi is really onto something with his push to have social media as part of the curriculum in our schools.

Last week when the local media picked up on School Board Trustee Mike Lombardi’s call to make teaching social media as part of a digital literacy curriculum, I heard some people say that it was a gimmick announcement – a well-timed media hit after pictures of  the terrible gang-rape in Pitt Meadows a few weeks back went viral on Facebook.

But aside from the fact that kids need to be instilled with what is and is not appropriate conduct when it comes to their online social media personas, these kinds of statistics and scenarios are demonstrating how valuable its incorporation into learning can be in motivating and engaging students to succeed.

As much as I am discouraged by the way that kids are plugged in yet so tuned out at the same time, I think that Lombardi is onto something.  Social media isn’t going anywhere, and if we can teach kids a code of conduct, and at the same time inspire enthusiasm within their studies, then I am all for a new curriculum.

Thu Apr 21, 2011

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In 2010, Vancouver had fewer than half the number of murders than it had in 2009.  There were nine homicides within Vancouver’s city limits, down from 19 killings the previous year.


“Perhaps it was my silk dress or the new perfume I’ve been wearing lately. When I asked Suzanne Anton what her New Year’s resolution was, she replied, “To kiss a pretty girl!” and pecked me on the cheek.”  – Writer Emily Barca describing her encounter with the lone NPA City Councillor on New Year’s Eve.